Snuff out smoking at parks, beaches

Three cheers to the New London City Council's Public Welfare Committee for considering an ordinance to prohibit smoking in city parks and beaches.

Here's hoping this worthwhile proposal actually gets passed, unlike last year when the council's Education, Parks & Recreation Committee rejected a similar ban proposed by the Parks & Recreation Commission.

We sympathize to some extent with smokers who already are shut out from most indoor public spaces and are running out of places they can light up, but have more compassion for the majority of residents who prefer fresh air and a butt-free environment.

Second-hand smoke is not only annoying, it's a health hazard, particularly to youngsters who flock to parks and beaches, as speakers at a public hearing pointed out Monday night.

Numerous municipalities, including Groton and Montville, have passed laws curtailing smoking in such outdoor locations.

We urge New London, as well as other towns and cities, to follow suit.

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