Government managing still more of our lives

Whether as individuals we agree or disagree with the Supreme Court's ruling that the individual mandate is legal under the U.S. Constitution does not matter. What does matter is how as individuals, and as nation, we are affected by this decision.

In reality this massive change of the role of government in our personal lives is neither as "good" nor as "bad" for the American people the politicians and pundits claim.

What is reality is we will now change from a health care system that is managed by faceless insurance clerks to a system that will be managed by faceless (and unelected) government bureaucrats.

For those among us who have unending faith and trust in the benevolence of government agencies, this is truly a monumental victory. For those among us who do not share the same faith and trust, the future has become a little more bleak.

In the end it seems that we as individuals have decided that it is just too difficult (or to bothersome) to manage our own lives, so we depend on the government to do it for us.

A word to the wise comes to mind: "be careful what you ask for as you might just get it."

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