Health care tax is a tax is a tax

When is a tax not a tax?

For the Democrats it depends on who they are talking to at the time. If they are begging their case for the individual mandate before the Supreme Court it is a tax for not buying health insurance.

If they are trying to con voters into re-electing them it is not a tax but a penalty for not buying health insurance.

Democrats have the same problem the skunk that wanted to be called a pussy cat had. If the skunk looked like a skunk, walked like a skunk, and smelled like a skunk then it had to be a skunk, not a pussy cat.

If the tax the Democrats say isn't a tax looks like a tax, smells like a tax, smells like a tax, stings like a tax, can be increased to any amount like a tax, expanded to cover more and more things like a tax and the Supreme Court says its a tax, then its a tax.

The president told us several times he would never increase taxes on people earning less than $250,000. The individual mandate tax applies to anybody who does not buy health insurance.

Why should we believe anything the president says?

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