Stonington borough rescinds ban on buses

Stonington — By a show of hands, two-thirds of eligible borough voters this morning rescinded the ordinance banning school and large tour buses from driving south of Wadawanuck Square.

The Board of Warden and Burgesses held a special meeting to discuss the issue, which had been heavily opposed by residents and members of the Stonington Borough Merchants’ Association.

Warden Paul Burgess said that nearly 200 people attended the meeting.

“The majority of the residents felt that having buses in the borough is not an issue. The people have spoken,” Burgess said this afternoon.

He said that the board would have to discuss whether it would consider another ordinance banning buses.

More than 200 residents who wanted the ordinance repealed or modified signed a petition that forced the vote this morning. In a split vote last month, the borough’s board voted to enact an ordinance that banned buses from driving south of Wadawanuck Square.

As passed by the board, the ordinance banned any bus, including school buses, longer than 25 feet from operating south of Broad Street. Instead, the buses would have had to drop off and pick up passengers at the southeast corner of Wadawanuck Square.

Buses that are 25 feet long or less can drop off or pick up passengers at Wadawanuck Square, the Town Dock, Stonington Point and other locations with permission from the board. Specialty vehicles 25 feet or less that are transporting students with special needs can discharge or pick up passengers where necessary.


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