Get trucks, buses out of the high-speed lane

Too many commercial trucks, tandem rigs and tour/casino buses use the left lane of Interstate 95 as their personal highspeed expressway. The recent accident on I-95 South at exit 81 on July 12 is just an other example of this.

There is no good or legal reason for trucks, tandem rigs and buses, nor anyone, to be in the left lane except to get off/on the rare left exit or pass an accident or road hazard as the right lane is doing the speed limit or faster. Slow down and the rest of the motoring public will slow down as they use truckers as a "police enforcement" barometer. One truck or bus getting in an accident due to excess speed can have disastrous results.

To all you so called "professional drivers" slow down, obey posted limits and the law. We are watching and will report you to the authorities, your management and insurers.

To the motoring public; please write the governor and State Police and demand better enforcement.

Without citizen pressure, the administration and state police will only act after seeing a massacre on the highway due to these idiots flaunting our laws.

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