New lunch spot on Bank Street…And did I mention $8.50 lobster rolls?

Turkey avocado wrap at Kelly's on the Bank at 45 Bank St. in New London.
Turkey avocado wrap at Kelly's on the Bank at 45 Bank St. in New London.

I was walking down Bank Street for an early lunch today when I cam across a new café, Kelly’s on the Bank, right across from Muddy Waters.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I headed inside to check out the new place, which opened about six weeks ago.

The menus got some good variety: there’s breakfast sandwiches, a good mix of salads (strawberry spinach, mandarin, Cobb and grilled chicken Caesar), and some cold sandwiches, wraps and “from the grill” options.

Some that stuck out to me were the corned beef Reuben for $6.50, “The Granny” (bacon, Vermont cheddar and fresh granny smith apples for $6.50, the hot Italian Panini with genoa, capicola and mortadella for $7.50 and the Pernil, slow cooked pork on a Cuban roll for $6.50.

The NOLA wrap also looked quite good: diced chicken, tomato, red peppers, mixed greens and Creole sauce for $6.50.

I went with the turkey avocado, but held the bacon (Hey, my mom reads this blog. I don’t want her to think I’m eating unhealthy).

The wrap came with a liberal portion of delicious oven gold turkey breast, tomato, mixed green, avocado and mayonnaise.

With a fresh pickle, it was a great little lunch at $7.50.

Now, I don’t like to second guess myself when ordering, but I almost did today. Right after I put my order in I looked up and saw a sign for $8.50 lobster rolls! That’s virtually unheard of. You could get two lobster rolls at this place for what you typically pay for one lobster roll at a lot of places.

I decided to stick with the turkey. I figured: hey, I like this place and now I have all the more incentive to come back.


Kelly’s on the Bank at 45 Bank St.
Kelly’s on the Bank at 45 Bank St.

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