Incoherent statement not based on the facts

The July 13 letter, "Tall ships instilled a sense of pride," July 13, concludes with an exhortation to ". . . turn to the serious business of stronger national security, to ensure that the law of the sea is not managed by the U.N. and lost, as we did the Panama Canal."

This incoherent statement seems to mean that the U.S. should not now accede to the "UN Convention on the Law of Sea," which has been in effect for over a decade with over 160 states parties, including virtually all of our allies.

It is beyond me how this treaty has become a target of a disinformation campaign waged by the far right, which has apparently hood-winked the letter writer in question. Suffice it to say that the UN has no powers and authority under this treaty. None! (Its title merely reflects that it was negotiated pursuant to a UN resolution, as sought by the United States.)

Critics should learn something about the convention before attacking it publicly. It is not a secret document.

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