Day lacking in coverage of Zone VI

To the Sports Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my disgust with the coverage of American Legion baseball by the sports department at The Day.

American Legion baseball is the highest level of baseball for young men from ages 15 to 19 in America. Almost 90 percent of all Major League players currently in the big leagues played American Legion when they were teenagers. It's the conduit to college baseball and beyond for a lot of young men who play the game.

Here in Eastern Connecticut we have a very competitive Zone VI, which sent five teams to the state tournament. Every day I read The Day, you rarely have the scores, never have the standings and never any photos or stories about American Legion baseball.

It's a disgrace to the young men who play all summer in the heat. Your competition does an outstanding job of covering the games all summer. You should take notes.

Sean M. Brennan

New London


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