Slash federal spending, encourage enterprise

I read the July 23 editorial "Obama the Frugal" with interest and an open mind, wondering "could this be true" and having no reason to doubt the information. With each passing paragraph I sensed a left-leaning bias. Skepticism rose with phrases like "one-term successor," "Republican Congress he inherited" and "budget-buster Bush." The clincher was the premise that the president's first-year spike was Bush's fault and deficits continue to rise because of Bush tax cuts.

Almost at the end of the president's first term and it is still Bush's fault. The Left and The Day see it as "if we collect more taxes, all will be well." The federal government should concentrate on national security and sovereignty, creating an environment where capitalism and free enterprise can thrive and helping those who cannot help themselves.

Their job is not social engineering, wealth redistribution, creation of jobs, or globalization. Neither is it to "level the playing field," a phrase I detest. The playing field has never been level. Regardless, with initiative, drive and determination, people of all races and creeds have succeeded in America. The answer is not more taxes but less government spending and less government interference in citizenry lives.

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