Drop in crime rate tied to more gun sales?

The Day's July 24 editorial, "Aurora perspective," failed to mention that in 2008 Sweden had an annual gun-related murder rate of 1.5 per 100,000 people. What readers will also be shocked to know is that every man over the age of 20, who is physically capable, is legally required to own, and be able to operate, a so-called "assault rifle" in Sweden. Those numbers are truly shocking, are they not?

The Day would like us to believe the "availability of legal abortion," (racist) and "improved law enforcement" (really?) are the reasons for the shocking decline in violent crime in the United States.

I would like to point out the one thing that truly has increased since President Obama took office is private gun ownership. It has exploded, with 30 million new guns sold, not including guns given to drug cartels by the ATF, since 2008.

All legal guns owned by people who are not out committing crimes with these weapons. A truly good sign to me that the American people are no longer listening to the editor of The Day, or any other political hack seeking to further an agenda or to boost approval numbers on the blood of innocent people.

Sam Winters

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