Man to serve eight years for molestation of 4-year-old girl

A 25-year-old man considered by authorities to be a "great risk to children" was sentenced to eight years in prison Friday for repeatedly molesting a 4-year-old girl in New London last summer.

William Boo III, formerly of Clinton, had moved to New London after meeting the victim's mother online and within six months had begun molesting the child while babysitting her, according to Superior Court prosecutor Theresa Anne Ferryman.

Boo had been convicted of a child molestation charge in New York, but court records in that case were sealed and the mother had no way of knowing his history, according to Ferryman.

To spare the child from reliving the experiences on the witness stand, the state offered Boo a plea deal involving a sentence of 20 years in prison, suspended after eight years served, and 10 years of strict probation.

While on probation, Boo will be required to register as a sexual offender and is prohibited from contacting the victim and her family for the next 30 years.

The mother of the victim was in court but was too upset to speak. Her mother, the grandmother of the victim, read a letter from the mother saying that she would never forgive him.

After the child disclosed the incident to her mother, Boo admitted to having "a great deal of sexual contact" with the child. The mother told police that when she asked the girl why the blinds had been pulled down in her bedroom, the girl said Boo closed them and told her he "didn't want anybody to see."

Boo's attorney, Kevin C. Barrs, said Boo had a chaotic childhood in an abusive environment.

"Unfortunately, it seems William has a compulsion and that's something he needs to try and fix if he can," Barrs said.

Boo apologized before he was sentenced.

"I just want to say I'm sorry for everything," he said. "This isn't something I planned when I first met her. I wish I could take it back. I came clean for a reason. I know I need help."

Judge Patrick J. Clifford called the case "very disturbing," especially because of the way Boo met the child's mother, moved to the area and began the molestation within a short period of time. He said the effects on the victim are immeasurable at this point but that hopefully, at her young age, she can put it behind her.

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