Funding to repair East Lyme sewer line needs OK

East Lyme - The town will hold a special town meeting on Sept. 5 to vote on a resolution to bond $680,000 for sewer pipe repairs on Logger Hill Road in Waterford.

While the pipe is located in Waterford, most of the sewage comes from East Lyme and is sent to New London's treatment facility. As a result of a previous agreement between the two towns to run the sewer pipes through Waterford, East Lyme had agreed to pay a percentage of any costs.

The Logger Hill Road pipe is in need of repairs after 20 years despite the Waterford Utility Commission's assurance at the time of installation that it would last 50 years.

The repairs are estimated to cost $1.7 million. According to a report from First Selectman Paul Formica at the July 18 Board of Selectmen's meeting, the town was able to negotiate a reduction so that it will pay only 62 percent, or $1.2 million, of the total project cost. Waterford will pay the rest.

Formica said the town has about that much money in its sewer assessment fund. But rather than completely drawing down that fund, he suggested taking $175,000 from the fund.

That money, coupled with $345,000 that the town has been paying Waterford in depreciation funds over the past 21 years for capital projects such as this, leaves the town in need of bonds for $680,000, to be paid off by the 3,200 ratepayers who use the Logger Hill Road pipe.


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