Representation that is balanced works best Recently as the political wars rage, I was struck that Connecticut is being badly served by its congressional delegation.

Not that our elected officials aren't working hard for our issues - I am sure they are. No, I believe Connecticut's economy and future are being badly served by the lopsidedness of the delegation.

Regardless of your individual affiliation, I am sure you can recognize that now with the makeup we have, the Democrats have to be in power for Connecticut's interests to be represented in the majority. It is only in the majority political party in both the House and Senate that the value of each individual representative's vote takes on more significance and each member can more effectively demand accommodations for policies or programs that would benefit Connecticut.

Accordingly, I recommend that come November, we elect a Republican senator and a balanced congressional delegation so that regardless of which party is in power, Connecticut will get the best possible share of federal dollars.

I hope logic trumps ideology.

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