We should be grateful to those who protect us

While taking the three children I care for as a nanny to the beach this past week, we began discussing places that the children would one day want to live.

The oldest child, 11, told me that she only wanted to live in a place with no crime. Her decision to settle in such a place was made based on the recent shooting in Colorado that claimed 12 lives.

I tried to explain to her that we have no control over others' actions, nor can we live our lives in fear of such acts. All anyone can do is hold high expectations and be extremely grateful to those protecting us every day.

Sadly, tragic events do happen, but we need to recognize that we are fortunate in the United States to have police, firefighter, military, and good Samaritans who do their best to stop these senseless acts.

We all have the right and the obligation to live as fully and as morally as we can, and we should be grateful to live in such a wonderful country.

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