Hard-Working, Knowledgeable, and Respected

I am writing to correct recent letters that assault the character of and mischaracterize legislation supported by State Senator Ed Meyer.

I have known Senator Meyer since he was first a candidate in 2004. He is his own man and completely dedicated to serving the many shoreline communities he represents in Hartford. Senator Meyer has bucked his own party countless times over the years, taking stands on controlling the state budget and reducing spending that were not popular with his leadership.

Legislation supported by Senator Meyer and characterized in some letters to this paper as frivolous were, in fact, related to protecting the environment, hardly a frivolous policy area. As Chair of the Environment Committee, he has worked with industry to develop policies that are good for business and for our environment, a win-win approach we need now more than ever.

We have a hard-working, knowledgeable, and respected public servant in Ed Meyer and he has my full support now and for re-election in November.

Kathi Traugh


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