Whose egg and cheese is best?

I can distinctly remember being a small child of nine or 10 years old and riding in my father’s car, eating an egg McMuffin. I informed my dad that I loved egg and cheese sandwiches so much that I wished to be shut into a room filled with egg McMuffins and forced to eat my way out.

“You’d get very sick,” my dad said.

I don’t care, I thought.

This anecdote crossed my mind this morning as I ordered two egg and cheese sandwiches on plain bagels at Dunkin’ Donuts. And it got me thinking…

I’d like to compile a list of the best of the best egg and cheese sandwiches in the area. So help me out: Send your picks to a.nunes@theday.com or post them below. I’ll try your picks and compile a top 10, or top 15 or 20 if warranted.


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