Not surprised, just embarrassed

This season has been a never ending saga of negativeness both on and off the field for the Boston Red Sox.  September last year was the worst in baseball history but this may be one of the most disliked Red Sox teams in franchise history from players to the management to the ownership.

It's been a disaster year.

For those not following the Seattle Mariners have a better record then the Boston Red Sox heading into the final month of the season and are 7 games under .500.  On the field it's been a bad year and what has gone off the field is not helping the cause.

What seems like a weekly soap opera may have reached it's peak on Monday when only 4 current players showed up to Johnny Pesky's funeral.    Besides Ortiz, Buchholz, Padilla and Salty, every player on that team should be embarrassed for not showing up to that funeral.  It's not like it was in Denver or they were on the west coast.  They were in Boston on an off day and they decided to just not go.  The team even provided transportation to and from the ceremony as well.

Even if some players didn't know Pesky it's about being a TEAM and representing the organization by showing respect to his family that day and honor a guy who lived every day of his life for the TEAM as a part of the TEAM.  That concept seems to be lost on many players currently in Boston.

Do you think this would have happened with the Patriots or the Yankees?  Never.  But instead of ownership, Bobby Valentine and the like making sure the majority of players were at there,  you have Larry Lucchino going on a radio show covering up saying "they were tired" because they were at Josh Beckett's charity bowling even and they took part in a great ceremony before the game Tuesday night.  I'm not making it up it's actually how he tried to spin it.

It's actually an example of one of the main problems being that ownership has enabled these players enough were they've taken on this entitled attitude even though the team has done literally nothing for almost 5 seasons.

It's difficult as a fan to have watched things get so broken so quick and there doesn't look like there's a fix anytime soon.

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