My take on The Trade

Wow -- just wow.

When I heard the initial rumors of this blockbuster trade between the Red Sox late Friday night I thought there was no way it would ever get done. Not so much from the Red Sox but why the Dodgers would take on two huge, over-the-top contracts along with a hefty contract from a veteran pitcher having an extremely down year. Less than 24 hours later that deal is done. Gonzo, Crawford, Beckett and Punto are gone and a new era is instantly born for the Boston Red Sox.

I get why LA did it. The organization needed to make a splash trying to make a late run at a playoff spot. As well they are in a market competing with a team that signed the top player and one of the top pitchers this past offseason. Most importantly, they get a player I hate to see go in Adrian Gonzalez to pair with Matt Kemp in the middle of the line-up.

For the Red Sox it's a fresh start.

Clearly with what happened last September and what has gone on all season something had to be done. I never thought it would happen like this as it's arguably one of the biggest blockbuster trades with the heftiest price tags of all time. Still, the Red Sox got it done and literally overnight rejuvenated a fan base that was completely turned off and pretty much hating the organization.

As Ben Cherington stated the work is just beginning. As a fan it's definitely exciting to envision the possibilities the team can go now with almost 260 million dollars off the books. We should all take note though that this move isn't an immediate fix. The Red Sox still have a really good core of players with room now to try to find the right guys to fill in. To go out and sign the big free agents this offseason is counterintuitive to the just made trade. With this freed up money though there are many ways this team can go from here. Like the rest of you, I'm interested to see what's next.

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