Dental clinic, hospital wrong for Mystic site

Regarding the dental clinic/hospital proposed for Masons Island Road ("Dental clinic hearing postponed," Aug. 7), this is not the first time the hearing was postponed including the often postponed wetlands hearings, due to incorrect or lack of information.

Incredibly, the Public Hearing notices, as well as the original application of the developer, states a-one story, 4,944 square-foot building. It is really a two-story, 9,076 square-foot building with an additional full height third floor.

Concerned residents were astonished when the wetlands commission chairman didn't know the correct square footage, even with the corrected plans in front of him. One wonders how much attention the wetlands commission paid to this application, which they approved. I mentioned it's a hospital, plunked down in the middle of a residential area.

Zoning regulations describing hospital and medical clinic are almost, word for word, identical. There are legitimate concerns about size, placement, water runoff and the complicated mechanical, underground runoff collection barrels, requiring periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Any potential tax revenue generated by this facility will most likely be offset by reduced property values of adjacent residences. There are commercial areas where this hospital can be built but the proposed site, surrounded by a residential zone, is the wrong place.

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