Pro small-business? You have to be kidding

Perhaps it is time to look at the so-called "business friendly candidates," and come back to earth and reality. Paul Ryan's only business experience was an 18-month stint in the family construction company, which was heavily dependent upon government contracts for highway building, and was a position that was seen more as resume padding than a job with responsibilities and accountability. More than half his life since college has been spent as a professional politician. Ayn Rand, indeed.

An even bigger disconnect can be observed in the Mitt Romney business tale. Romney would have us believe he understands the problems and needs of small companies, having made a successful business himself. But, do you honestly think Mitt Romney woke up at 4 a.m. and worked 12 to 14 hours, seven days a week, risking his and his family's fortunes on a dream, the way most small business operators do? Do you believe Romney ever sweated a payroll for his workers that are more like family than employees? Do you think he ever went hungry because he felt it was more important to pay his employees health insurance premiums than to eat?

Romney has no clue as to what makes a true small business work.

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