Spending on fuel storage tanks, sewer main repairs on agenda in Waterford

Waterford - The Board of Selectmen will consider approving a total of $464,236 in appropriations for two capital improvement projects at its meeting next Tuesday.

The first of the two projects consists of the removal of the underground fuel storage tanks at five of the town's fire stations. The second appropriation would be for the continuation of the remaining portion of the Logger Hill sewer main repair.

"Our capital improvement plan allows us to complete projects over time," First Selectman Daniel Steward said Friday.

He said the town's improvement plan spans 10 years and is always rolling.

The five underground fuel storage tanks are between 20 and 30 years old, Steward said, and are being removed because their structural integrity has come into question.

"These tanks have been underground for many, many years and have created concern for our staff, and we want to make sure that they're safe," Steward said. "We're of the opinion that they are, but you're never sure until you take them out of the ground."

Selectmen plan to appropriate funds from two budget line items in the amounts of $90,000 and $28,463 for the removal of the fuel tanks. Members of the Representative Town Meeting will approve or deny the appropriation at their meeting in October.

In the second appropriation, selectmen will vote on the transfer of $345,773 for the completion of the sewer main repair line from the bottom of Logger Hill Road to B Lane.

Steward said the town did not go out to bid on that portion of the project, but now officials are weighing their options on seeking bids.

"It's a nice idea to take it on, but there are some caveats," he said.

The town shares that sewer line with East Lyme, and one of the challenges is sorting out who will pay for that portion, Steward said.

East Lyme plans to host a special town meeting on Wednesday to vote on a resolution to bond $680,000 for the sewer pipe repairs. Because of a previous agreement between the two parties, East Lyme had agreed to pay a percentage of any costs associated with the project.

Repairs to the line have begun and the project is estimated to be completed by the end of September.



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