Groton had grounds to fire Supt. Kadri

Once again it seems that no one is even considering the content in regards to firing Groton Superintendent Paul Kadri. The real issue is that he misused public funds when he authorized the work done to the ball field without council approval. That action was arguably criminal, along with being a firing offense.

But it seems the do-nothing council and Board of Education let it slide and now the taxpayers are again stuck with the bill of paying him and his replacement because the school board is afraid of his repercussions. If he committed sexual harassment, which is a federal offense, he certainly should have been gone long ago. Just like all of the past actions taken by the leaders of Groton, the end result is always to put it aside and spend more money at the citizen's expense. My tax escrow payment just went up again, for the fourth year in a row, because of this disregard for taxpayers.

Get rid of this bully now.

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