I'm That Friend You Haven't Talked To In Months

You know when you haven't talked to a friend in like 6 months and so much has happened since the last time you talked...but you get on the phone and have nothing to say? Yeah, that's kind of where I am at with this blog. Turns out I am going to take an entire summer hiatus and then try to catch up. And every time I think about telling you, my long-lost blog readers, about what has been going on I get overwhelmed and distracted and unmotivated because telling you everything is so. much. work.

I mean, in just the last month alone we have had viruses, and molars, and our first family vacation, and a big first birthday, and a big first ER trip (with a threat of admission!), and a baby that was sleeping thru the night, and a baby that is no longer sleeping thru the night, and a toddler who can ride a bicycle and so many things that would all be great blog topics.

Except we havent talked in so long, and wouldn't it just be easier to not call than to go through all the effort of catching up?

I'm trying to get my groove back. Whichs means I need a little support from you. Lots of times I feel like I am writing to no one. One of the fun parts about a blog is meeting people who like what I say, or don't like what I say, or want to share what they think or what they are doing. Basically, I need a little motivation, a little confirmation that somewhere out there in the interwebs there are a few of you who are enjoying my mindless ramblings, my crazy kids, my crazy life.

I promise not to miss another whole season worth of blogs, if you promise to send a little bloggy love my way!

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