DVD tip: "Friends with Kids"

This movie was underrated and underappreciated when it was released into theaters earlier this year. Make sure you give it a try on DVD. Not only is it good, but its star, co-writer and director is a Connecticut native. Yes, Jennifer Westfeldt grew up in Guilford. In "Friends with Kids," she has created an adult rom-com about two friends who decide to have a baby together but to keep their relationship non-romantic. (Hmm, how do you think that goes?) Westfeldt creates believable chemistry with Adam Scott as pal and co-parent, and they are surrounded by super performances by Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm, and Maya Rudolph and Chris O'Dowd as couples whose relationship deteriorate when babies come into play. Warning: "Friends with Kids" is rated R for a reason. If profanity offends you, consider yourself warned - and, should you watch anyway, definitely avoid the last lines of dialogue.



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