Day editorial got it right, at least almost

The Day's editorial, "Christie hits right notes for wrong guy," (Aug. 30), was "spot on" until it reached the final paragraph, where the editors succumbed to the myth dominating today's media that Democrats and Republicans have been equally intransigent, irrational and extreme. This fairy tale portrays both Romney and Obama as pandering to their respective, uncompromising bases. The facts don't support this notion of equal blame.

From Day One Obama has made an honest effort to compromise. To appeal to Republicans, the stimulus was made smaller, while about 28 percent of the total package consisted of tax cuts. "Obamacare" dropped the public option and included a mandate originally proposed by a conservative think tank and successfully applied by Gov. Romney in Massachusetts. These compromises and more were made to attract Republican support. It never materialized.

To the consternation of his base, Obama has showed a consistent willingness to consider adjustments to Social Security and Medicare and to confront the debt with a reasonable balance of spending cuts and tax increases.

Republicans - the only true extremists - continue to refuse to compromise, dogmatically adhering to their no-tax pledge. They seem to view free speech as a license to lie.

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