State desperately needs a conservative

Believing Linda McMahon is competent, capable, and a tested business woman, I also like that she is not a Democrat. Except for a sprinkling of governors, Connecticut has been a one party state and federally represented by Democrats for years. We usually have the highest gas prices, taxes and fees while still going bankrupt. In 2012 Connecticut Democrats brought us higher spending and more taxes, along with death penalty repeal and Sunday liquor sales, little more.

Federally our Connecticut Democrats never saw an entitlement they could not vote for, a social engineering or wealth redistribution proposal that was not needed. They profess support for the middle class but their self importance and wealth get in the way.

Professional politicians confidently proclaim that only they, the professional insider, can do the job or help us, but they never do.

Voting for Democrats is a vote for more intrusive and bigger government. It is time, if not to end Democrat dominance in Connecticut to at least reduce it. A legislator's only job is to manage money we give them. Ignore hot button and emotional issues politicians put before us. Vote for those who will prudently manage your money. Vote for Linda McMahon and the conservatives.

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