GOP confirms its war on women

The Aug. 20 letter, "Obama buries failures under mountain of lies," was authored by a frequent contributor of right-wing political views clouded by hate.

He alleges that "President Obama and his allies" are using lies to cover up failures of the Obama administration and, shamefully, compares the president to Joseph Stalin, a ruthless World War II Russian dictator.

To illustrate his argument he asks the rhetorical question with incredulity, "Mitt Romney and the Republicans are waging a war on women?"

Ironically, the answer to his question was provided the same day by Missouri Republican congressman and senatorial candidate Todd Akin.

Congressman Akin is co-sponsor of a bill with Paul Ryan (Mitt Romney's choice for vice-presidential running mate) that would ban all abortions including those that involve rape, incest or endangering the health of the woman.

Or how about legislation that would mandate equal pay for equal work for women proposed and supported by Democrats and opposed by many Republicans?

I fail to see the lie in the claim that Republicans are waging a war on women, and I fail to see any truth in the extremist claim that President Obama is Joseph Stalin reincarnated.

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