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Academic and Extracurricular Achievements

• Middlesex Community College Graduates: Alene Harrison (human services) and Louann M. Heft (general studies).

Samantha O'Brien received a scholarship from the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority's Watershed Fund. O'Brien is currently a freshman at Hampshire College.

• Paier College of Art Graduates: Michael Bimonte, the son of Michael and Patti Bimonte, bachelor's of fine arts in graphic design, cum laude; Katherine Eshoo, the daughter of Arthur and Randi Eshoo, bachelor's of fine arts in illustration; Julia Genzano, the daughter of Cindy and Robert Genzano, bachelor's of fine arts in photography; Jacquelyn Grippo, bachelor's of fine arts in photography; Maribeth Anna King, diploma in illustration; Tiffany Santora, the daughter of Beverly and Michael Santora, bachelor's of fine arts in graphic design.

Alec Palmer, the son of Donna and Warren Palmer, while a sophomore at Hamden Hall Country Day School, received the Acting I Award, The Joy of Singing Award, and The Kevin LeBrun Scholarship. He was also inducted into the Hamden Hall Thespian Society.

Katelyn Powell earned a bachelor's of science in hospitality and event management from Lasell College.

Diego Zuniga, a 2012 graduate of East Haven High School, received a $2,000 scholarship from the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Zuniga was one of 22 area students selected from 350 applicants to receive a scholarship. He currently attends Pennsylvania State University.

Honor Roll Students

• East Haven Academy, 2nd Marking Period 2011-'12: Nicholas Ailes (grade 7, first honors), Ryan Albert (grade 7, first honors), Sierra Amarante (grade 6, second honors), Jaimi Anderson (grade 6, first honors), Olivia Anderson (grade 7, first honors), Alyssa Barcomb (grade 8, second honors), Serena Barker (grade 8, first honors), Jessica Barulli (grade 6, second honors), Ryan Beavis (grade 7, second honors), Jennifer Begum (grade 8, first honors), Natalie Bonito (grade 6, second honors), Rachel Buskey (grade 8, first honors), Frank Camera (grade 6, first honors), Vincenzo Camera (grade 7, second honors), Shannon Carey (grade 7, first honors), Barbara Carlone (grade 6, first honors), Alexa Carranzo (grade 8, first honors), Annie Coleman (grade 8, first honors), Maria Coleman (grade 7, first honors), Jacob Corolla (grade 7, first honors), Amy DeFilippo (grade 8, second honors), Andrea DeFilippo (grade 6, second honors), Dominic DelBasso (grade 7, second honors), Brandon DePalma (grade 7, first honors), Jillian Doheny (grade 7, second honors), Megan Doheny (grade 8, first honors), Halie Dorsa (grade 7, second honors), Anna Falt (grade 8, first honors), Miranda Garcia (grade 8, first honors), Isabella Gentile (grade 7, first honors), Jocelyn Gladwin (grade 8, second honors), Miranda Gladwin (grade 8, first honors), Jason Gold (grade 7, first honors), Andrea Grzedzinski (grade 7, first honors), Alanna Hamilton (grade 7, second honors), Sarah Harkins (grade 8, first honors), Elizabeth Harrold (grade 8, second honors), Cassandra Helms (grade 8, first honors), Marley Herard (grade 6, first honors), Rose Iannaccone (grade 8, first honors), Olivia Iasparra (grade 8, second honors), Jessica Inglese (grade 6, first honors), Ava Kocher (grade 6, second honors), Nicholas Kraszewski (grade 7, first honors), Sheyen LaChat (grade 7, first honors), Gabrielle Lamberti (grade 8, first honors), Joseph Liquori (grade 7, first honors), Erin Loehmann (grade 6, second honors), Jesse Ludington (grade 7, first honors), Allison Luzzi (grade 8, first honors), Andrew Luzzi (grade 6, first honors), Anthony Luzzi (grade 6, first honors), Salvatore Luzzi (grade 8, first honors), Sydney Marquardt (grade 6, first honors), Isabella Martinez (grade 7, second honors), Kelsey Matthews (grade 8, second honors), Selena Mauro (grade 6, first honors), Molly Mazzucco (grade 6, first honors), Mercedes McSherry (grade 6, first honors), Joseph Melillo (grade 7, second honors), Kayla Michaud (grade 6, first honors), Ireland Miessau (grade 8, first honors), Brianna Milliken (grade 8, second honors), Christopher Mitchell (grade 7, first honors), Ciara Mortimer (grade 7, second honors), Asia Padua (grade 7, first honors), Alexis Palmer (grade 8, first honors), Joshua Palmer (grade 7, first honors), Bianca Pappacoda (grade 8, first honors), Dhaval Patel (grade 8, first honors), Vishal Patel (grade 8, first honors), Danielle Pepe (grade 7, first honors), Reham Perry (grade 6, first honors), Sharon Phimmavong (grade 7, first honors), Katherine Pierce (grade 6, first honors), Robert Proto (grade 8, second honors), Seth Proto (grade 6, first honors), Nico Ragaini (grade 7, first honors), Mackenzie Redding (grade 8, second honors), Jessica Reid (grade 6, second honors), Conor Reynolds (grade 8, first honors), Maia Ridley (grade 6, second honors), Kevin Romero (grade 6, first honors), Julia SanGiovanni (grade 6, second honors), Isabel Sayers (grade 7, first honors), Hunter Schroeder (grade 7, first honors), Sierra Sault (grade 6, first honors), Kylie Schlottman (grade 6, first honors), Katherine Schneer (grade 8, first honors), Jessica Shultis (grade 6, first honors), Ryan Spano (grade 6, first honors), Tyler Spano (grade 8, first honors), James Sperduti (grade 6, second honors), Erika Storer (grade 8, first honors), Kyle Storer (grade 6, second honors), Bryan Tabuzo (grade 7, first honors), Gabriela Tapia (grade 7, first honors), Ashley Tatro (grade 8, first honors), Juliana Thomasson (grade 8, first honors), Austin Thornberg (grade 8, second honors), Sean Vallie (grade 6, second honors), Catherine Valloso (grade 7, first honors), Michael Wajdowicz (grade 6, second honors), Venissala Wongchai (grade 8, second honors), and Mateusz Wisniewski (grade 8, first honors).

• Hamden Hall Country Day School: Alec Palmer, the son of Donna and Warren Palmer.

• Lauralton Hall, 4th Marking Period 2011-'12: Sarah Parlato (grade 12), Caitlin Riccitelli (grade 12), and Lindsay Zabawar (grade 10).

• Mercy High School, 4th Marking Period 2011-'12: Danielle Andrews (freshman, first honors), Emily Brewer (sophomore, first honors), April Colwell (junior, second honors), Courtney Esposito (sophomore, first honors), and Ashley Imlej (junior, first honors).

Academic and Extracurricular Achievements

• Sacred Heart Academy Graduates: Meghan Mastriano, the daughter of Amy and Joseph Mastriano, and Quigyu (Kathy) Xu, the daughter of Hua Jane Lou and Yuelian Xu. Both were 4.0 Scholars. Mastriano will attend the University of Connecticut, majoring in engineering; Xu will attend Cornell University, majoring in applied mathematics. Inaddition, Mastriano won Second Honors at the National Science Fair; was selected to the SCC All-Academic Team; and was a member of the National Honor Society, National Math Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, Varsity Cheerleading, and the Spanish Club. While at Sacred Heart, she volunteered at the Yale-New Haven Hospital Toy Closet and with Amity Pop Warner Cheerleading. Xu was selected as a 2012 NYSC Alternate; won the National Financial Capability Challenge Award, the Top Overall Scorer-New England Math League; the Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology; the Letters About Literature Award; and the President's Award for Academic Excellence. She was a member of the National Honor Society, National Math Honor Society (president), Math League (captain), Chinese School, and she is a figure skater. While at Sacred Heart, she volunteered with Pro Life, the Stocking Drive, Campus Ministry, was a summer camp counselor, and a member of the Musical Crew.

• St. Vincent de Paul School Pope John XXIII Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society Inductees: Albert Ackerson, Dominick Crisci, Michael Mancuso, Shannon Mastriano, Giuseppe Piscitelli, and Taylor Spadory.

• Southern Connecticut State University Graduates: Elizabeth Belmont, Ebony Bradwell, Ashley Camera, Mary Rose Canieso, Kathryn Coldren, Nicole Colmenares, Sean Connelly, Frank Cruz, Noelle Demarco, Thomas DiGrazio, Annika Diaz, Brittany Eiler, Patricia Fotheringhame, Nicole Frosolone, Carolyn Gareiss, Peter Gersz, Andres Hammer, Cherie Harper, Kristen Hearns, Muhammad Husnain, Gabriele Inkrataite, Bryan Koepke, Michael Kwet, Nadine Larcomb, Kristina Leonardo, Tricia Loffredo, Marisol Lopez-Castro, Melissa Manship, Mark McCurley, Megan McLoughlin, Stephanie Mikulski, Michael Murphy, Ian Naclerio, Siaun Neou, Katarzyna Olszewski, Ashley Palmese, Janine Pierson, Annamarie Proto, Jennifer Rascati, Dana Rockwell, Patricia Schnepf, Bryan Standish, Jamie Torello, Steven Tyler, and Nicole Volpe.

• University of St. Joseph Graduates: Holly Mirabella, bachelor's of science in accounting, magna cum laude, and Danielle Randall, bachelor's of science in nursing.

Honor Roll Students

• Notre Dame High School, 3rd Term 2011-'12: Alexander Ailes (sophomore, second honors), Anthony Astorino (senior, second honors), Matthew Benevento (senior, second honors), Tyler Buccini (sophomore, first honors), Shane Bush (senior, second honors), Dylan Carrano (sophomore, first honors), Christopher Cofrancesco (sophomore, first honors), Zachery Cofranceso (freshman, second honors), Marc Conte (senior, second honors), Anthony Coss (freshman, first honors), Anthony DeCaprio (senior, second honors), Domenico DeLucia (junior, second honors), Michael D'Onofrio (freshman, first honors), Gary Flowers (senior, third honors), Daniel Gonzalez (senior, third honors), Alvaro Granados (junior, second honors), Colton Kopick (freshman, first honors), Zachery Korwek (junior, second honors), John McGovern (junior, first honors), Christopher Maio (sophomore, third honors), Evan Mastriano (freshman, first honors), Anthony Masucci (senior, first honors), Antonio Minichino (senior, second honors), Andrew Monico (senior, first honors), Robert Mucka (senior, second honors), Arthur Natalino (sophomore, first honors), Christopher Parisi (senior, second honors), Edward Provitz (sophomore, first honors), William Reynolds (junior, second honors), Joseph Santello (freshman, third honors), Derek Spambanato (senior, third honors), Michael Spisak (junior, second honors), Christopher Stoddard (junior, first honors), and Aleksander Zbikowski.

• St. Vincent de Paul Schoo, 4th Marking Period 2011-'12: Marchella Abbate (grade 6, general honors), Gianna Acabbo (grade 8, general honors), Albert Ackerson (grade 7, high honors), Haleigh Archambault (grade 4, high honors), Joseph Castellano (grade 6, high honors), Alexandra Crisco (grade 8, high honors), Dominick Crisci (grade 7, high honors), Jonathan Crisci (grade 4, general honors), Michael Dion (grade 4, high honors), Nicholas Esposito (grade 6, general honors), Brianna Ferraiolo (grade 6, general honors), Gabriela Garcia-Perez (grade 4, general honors), Megan Kikosicki (grade 8, general honors), Sophia Klump (grade 6, general honors), Erin McCann (grade 8, high honors), Taylor McCarroll (grade 7, general honors), Andrew McGovern (grade 7, general honros), Michael Mancuso (grade 7, general honors), Ava Maselli (grade 4, high honors), Mia Maselli (grade 8, general honors), Shannon Mastriano (grade 7, high honors), Kaitlyn Mingione (grade 8, high honors), Lawrence Mingione (grade 4, general honors), Frederick Montz III (grade 8, general honors), Alexia Ocasio (grade 6, general honors), Giuseppe Piscitelli (grade 7, high honors), Carmine Russo (grade 5, general honors), Kaylee Sheehan (grade 8, general honors), Taylor Spadory (grade 7, high honors), Jessica Tapia (grade 6, general honors), and Jordan Vasilko-Parlato (grade 7, general honors).

• Vinal Technical High School, 3rd Trimester 2011-'12: Michael Matthew Funaro, sophomore, honors.

• Williston Northampton School, Spring Trimester 2011-'12: Kerri Reimund, junior, honors.

• Xavier High School, 4th Term 2011-'12: Benjamin Criscuolo (junior, high honors) and Joshua Swanson (sophomore, honors).

Service Awards and Recognitions

• The Lady of Pompeii Ladies' Guild Officers: Gerry Annunziata, vice president; Sally Mucka, treasurer; Gloria Podsiadlo, president; Terri Sciarra, corresponding secretary; and Janice Voss, recording recording.

Jaime Lettieri received the Chief Judicial Marshal of the Year Award for her eadership and performance as a chief judicial marshal, Centralized Transportation Unit/24 Hour Lockup.

Acts of Community Service and Charitable Contributions

Dave Howe participated in the NBC Connecticut MS Motorcycle Ride, riding in honor of the mother of a friend of his from who lived with multiple sclerosis for 17 years.


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