Boater traffic being stopped at Old Lyme Amtrak bridge

Old Lyme — A damaged gear box in an Amtrak bridge over the Connecticut River has forced the bridge to remain in the closed position, preventing boater traffic in the area.

An Amtrak spokesman said repairs are currently under way, and expects the bridge to be operable by Friday.

Work currently under way at the Niantic River Bridge had to be rescheduled as workers there were sent to Old Lyme to help repair the bridge.

Amtrak built a two-track, electrified, railroad bascule bridge across the Niantic River between East Lyme and Waterford, 58 feet south of the old bridge. The contractor is taking apart the old bridge and all rail traffic is sharing one track over the new bascule lift bridge. The second track is scheduled to be ready in November.


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