If we elect McMahon, the joke will be on us

If the voters of Connecticut were to elect Linda McMahon to the Senate, I believe that Connecticut would become the laughing stock of much of the nation.

First, the voters of Connecticut would be ridiculed for allowing the election to be bought by a candidate whose sole credential for the job is the possession of, and willingness to spend, sufficient resources to flood the mails and television channels with endless ads.

Second, Connecticut voters would be considered ignorant of the role of the Senate in our form of government. The Senate is supposed to provide mature and experienced evaluation of proposed policies and federal appointments proposed by the president. The Senate does not create jobs. Linda McMahon has no government experience and has exhibited no knowledge of how the federal government functions.

Third, the voters of Connecticut would be labeled as gullible buyers of "a pig in a poke." The interminable ads aired by Linda McMahon promise that she has "a plan" that will create jobs and cut taxes, yet the campaign provides insufficient details that could be accurately scored and evaluated by non-partisan experts.

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