Don't be fooled by attendance non-issue

I am writing about Democratic Senate candidate Chris Murphy's attendance at meetings. The ads being run by the Linda McMahon campaign are a distorted version of the truth.

McMahon is attacking Murphy for missing hearings in October 2008, when Congress was adjourned. Murphy was in Connecticut, meeting with small businesses and the people hit hardest by the crisis.

Murphy made 127 out of 132 votes, a 97 percent score. It's virtually impossible for a representative or senator to attend all the meetings of the committees he/she is on, attend legislative sessions, and meet with constituents. How many of us have had meetings with conflicting times? That's why meetings have minutes. McMahon might understand that if she had any prior elective experience. To quote former Rep. Rob Simmons, also a Republican, "Mrs. McMahon has never served in public office in any capacity. Therefore she has no idea how legislatures-local, state, or federal, how they work."

McMahon has no legislative record to judge, no experience in government, no real plan, but has a lot of money and staff to disparage and make personal attacks on her opponent. I think Connecticut voters are wise enough to see through McMahon's ego trip, and vote for Murphy.

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