Reporting must be thorough for accuracy

To the credit of "The Day", a commentary by Daniel Gordon was printed on Sept. 16, "Sorry for his embezzlement and angry about The Day," in which he addressed what he considered incomplete and/or biased reporting. (e.g. relying solely on excerpts from 2009 legal document). At the end of the article an unidentified editor stated "The Day stands by the accuracy of its reporting on Mr. Gordon . . . . . ".

That editor apparently missed the point. Mr. Gordon was not addressing, so much, the accuracy of the reporting as much as the completeness or holistic nature of the reporting.

A thorough investigation of an elephant's trunk, complete with detailed pictures and scientific analysis, may well could conclude the elephant is very much like a snake. While the facts in such a study are accurate, the conclusion is obviously flawed. If called to task on this, the investigator could issue a statement, "I stand behind the accuracy of my report."

I do not have enough facts to support or denigrate Mr. Gordon on his past actions. That is not the point of my comments. I only want to support his comment concerning fair and objective reporting.

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