Births - Oct. 7


SEPT. 19 - A son to Genevieve and John Kueter of Groton.

SEPT. 23 - A daughter to Thera O'Meara & Jason Bitgood of Westerly.


SEPT. 13 - A daughter to Andrew and Rebecca Seder.

SEPT. 14 - A son to Christopher and Stephanie Caldwell; a son to Paterno and Megan Quintas; a daughter to Gregory and Evelyn Cholewa.

SEPT. 15 - A daughter to Matt and Lauren Parsons.

SEPT. 17 - A daughter to Nguyen Nelson and Hien Bui.

SEPT. 18 - A daughter to Maia Worski.

SEPT. 19 - A son to Kyle Stratten and Courtney Gahner.

SEPT. 20 - A daughter to Joshua Bazinet and Jessica Gilman; a daughter to William and Megen Pindell; a daughter to Mark and Kylie Desjardins; a son to Troy and Steffanie DeVolve.

SEPT. 21 - A son to Sean Hingle and Giovannina Padula; a son to Christopher and Jessy Walden.

SEPT. 22 - A son to Cody Plicka and Angele Salter; a son to Amaral Laguerre and Keri Smith; a son to Stephen Kennedy and Magda Frontanes.

SEPT. 23 - A daughter to Sharmane Kenneth.

SEPT. 25 - A daughter to Nolan and Margaret Stevenson; a son to Fredys Arias and Caroline Perry.

SEPT. 26 - A daughter to Todd and Kerri Simons.

SEPT. 27 - A son to Jay, Jr. and Jennifer Nisbet.


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