Media in cahoots to block real Libya story

It's difficult to expose the lies of this president when the media is in cahoots with the cover-up. This terrorist attack in Libya that killed our ambassador and three off-duty servicemen is a case in point. Leaked information reports this president knew after 24 hours that this was a terrorist attack, yet for the following week, he and his spokespeople, including our UN ambassador, deliberately lied and called it a spontaneous riot due to an anti-Muslim video.

The media dutifully reported this every chance they had in print and on the news, while crucifying Mitt Romney for stating the truth about this attack. The cover-up also includes prior warnings of an attack that were ignored, the Libyan ambassador's own diary expressing fear for his life, found days after the attack. The so-called investigation is a lie since no FBI agent has even been to the site, despite claims by this president.

Can you imagine what the media would be saying if this was done by President Bush? President Obama can conveniently change his story with no repercussions with a buried follow-up story change, leaving his foreign policy reputation intact. It's sick and scary.

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