State rep criticizes cuts in NL police force

I would like to commend the men and women of the New London Police Department. They have performed professionally in some of the most extraordinary circumstances I have ever seen in New London and yet they get up every day and perform their sworn duties - protect and serve.

Recently I was informed that 23 of our officers have left the department and there are more in the process of leaving. To make matters worse the unfilled positions are not being filled. I have lived in New London for more than 35 years and I have personally worked with members of the department to combat drugs in the neighborhoods. I worked with the safe neighborhood officers who were one of the best groups we have ever had. I have watched well-seasoned officers, captains and deputy chiefs forced to retire just to bring others to replace them. If it was not broken we shouldn't have fixed it.

The main thing that scares me is erosion of public safety, endangering the public and police officers.

This plea is for whoever will listen. We have to stop hemorrhaging police jobs and get this city back on track. New London will never be all it can be unless our streets are safe.

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