Tax super wealthy to save Social Secuirty

The no-taxes-whatsoever-at-anytime-no-matter-how- reasonable zealots have created gridlock in Congress with their dogmatic, no-compromise stance. The close-minded narrative of this taxes-are-theft crowd has all Republicans, too many hardworking Americans, and most pundits believing that America can no longer afford Social Security. "America is broke!" is an all too familiar refrain.

The fact is, the United States has abundant wealth. However, tax policies, tilted in favor of the rich for the past generation, have rigged the process, concentrating wealth in the hands of a tiny minority of Americans. Not needing Social Security, these self-proclaimed "producers" and "job creators" are unwilling to pay their fair share to preserve Social Security. Instead, they arrogantly label 47 percent of their fellow citizens as government-dependent "moochers."

Any rational, fair-minded individual understands that deficits can and should be resolved with increased revenues, not entirely with spending cuts. Eliminating the income cap on Social Security payroll taxes would secure this vital government program - without cuts - for most of the 21st century.

Save Social Security. Vote a straight Democratic ticket.

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