Tired of the marketing of Linda McMahon

The Day has reported that the senatorial race in Connecticut has been particularly negative this year. Indeed it has.

Ads from both campaigns maligning the other side load the airwaves. Republican Linda McMahon, with her wrestling macho fantasy world background, is better at this than Democrat Chris Murphy.

Mrs. McMahon is seemingly spending more of her own money on this campaign than she did in the last.

My mailbox has been full of Mrs. McMahon's campaign literature, portraying Rep. Murphy as some sort of adult Ferris Bueller, enjoying a carefree lifestyle at the taxpayers' expense. I must belong to a demographic seen as susceptible to this message.

In a recent television ad, Mrs. McMahon states, "I can't be bought." Clearly, she is doing the buying.

The state has been pummeled with an airbrushed view of Mrs. McMahon since the last Senate campaign. There is no rationale to her candidacy, except her desire to be a senator and her willingness to spend as much as it takes. All she presents is an expensive PR campaign appealing not to the better angels of our nature, but to the baser angels of our nature.

Is anyone else as tired of Linda McMahon as I am?

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