McMahon's WWE promotes bullying

If anyone thinks that Linda McMahon's pro-wrestling is harmless entertainment, they should watch a full hour of it to see disgusting images of violence, trash talking, juvenile behavior, bad sportsmanship and sexual degrading treatment of women. My take is that a child watching this would learn the type of behavior that a school yard bully uses to harass other kids. In other words, Linda McMahon promotes school-yard bullying.

Yes, this is "fake" fighting and not real violence, but kids don't know that.

The "winner" of the contest is usually some over-muscled character who trash talks his opponent to intimidate and "bully." I have no idea what the rules are, but whatever they are, the winner rarely follows them. Sometimes he whacks his opponent over the head with a folding chair to gain the upper hand. He may drag a girl friend around the ring like a trained dog on a leash. Whatever the newest outrage is, it has to be over the top to keep their audience that targets kids as well as adults.

This is like a training ground for school-yard bullies, brought to you by Linda McMahon and professional wrestling.

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