Ice-T and Coco gear up for third reality-TV season

Coco, left, and husband Ice T earlier this year.
Coco, left, and husband Ice T earlier this year.

Ice-T is the actor, but his impossibly curvy and obviously adored wife, Coco, is the star of the couple's reality series, "Ice Loves Coco."

The 33-year-old model and entrepreneur (last name: Marrow, "but she just goes by Coco," says an E! spokeswoman) is a sweet, sincere, slightly spoiled gal wrapped in a blond-haired Jessica Rabbit package. She favors form-fitting, bosom-baring clothing and perfect makeup, whether she's running a meeting for her clothing line, checking out building plans on her new house or walking her two bulldogs, Maximus and Spartacus.

Her 900,000 Twitter followers also know she's fond of posting nearly naked photos of herself, especially on "thong Thursday."

Coco talked with The Associated Press about what fans can expect from her and the show's new season, premiering Sunday on E!

AP: What's the appeal of "Ice Loves Coco?"

Coco: I think because it's just plain different. If you look at all the housewives shows, they do nothing but bicker and argue and fight and throw punches, and that's what "Ice Loves Coco" isn't. It's a positive show and a loving show and I think people are kind of sick of all the negativity out there.

AP: Your fans already get to see a lot of you on Twitter!

Coco: People have their own way of thinking, like 'Oh that crazy Coco.' But you know what? I'm just trying to add a little color into people's lives. I'm definitely not boring. And just because I'm married doesn't mean I can't show my body anymore. I work really, really hard at the gym, you know? So let me do my thing.

AP: What can viewers expect from the third season of your show?

Coco: This whole season is so much fun... I was doing so much during the time that we shot: the fashion show, the Vegas show, to maybe me freezing my eggs to doing Neuticles for Spartacus. Do you know what those are?

AP: No.

Coco: OK, they're (testicle) implants for dogs.

AP: Any other highlights?

Coco: People will get to see me be a meteorologist on (New Jersey's) Fox 5. It's actually kind of a dream of mine because that's what I wanted to do as an occupation when I was a little girl, so I get to finally do that. You know how you ask little girls what they want to be, and they're like, "a ballerina?" I wanted to be a meteorologist.

I'm so into the weather. I literally watch the Weather Channel umpteen hours a day and it will say the same weather over and over, but I'm just in total awe about how weather like transforms into storms and systems and tornadoes.

I know I'm a little strange and crazy this way, but weather's my thing.


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