Raucous McMahon backers ruined debate

How unfortunate were the boisterous interruptions by Linda McMahon supporters Oct. 15 at the Garde. Those of us who were there to hear the candidates' views had to endure raucous shouting and booing in spite of rules put forth by the moderator.

Eventually, Murphy supporters started responding. This took precious time away as the candidates tried to answer questions.

After the debate, I saw many of the McMahon supporters, in their blue shirts, climb aboard three unmarked Mercedes buses parked on the street. I asked one of the drivers, "Who paid for the buses?"

"A very wealthy person," he replied. When the buses drove off, I noted they had NY plates. We're these paid "supporters?" We may never know.

The kicker to all this is what I read in Tuesday morning's Day. McMahon's campaign manager, Cory Bliss, issued a news release asking for WTNH-TV to play her 2 minute closing statement in its entirety. He said, "It is unfortunate Linda's statement was disrupted, but we believe the voters of Connecticut deserve to hear both sides of this important election."

Oh yes, Mr Bliss. We went to the Garde to hear both sides in this important election.

Because of McMahon "supporters" we were unable to hear Rep. Murphy's statement, also.

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