Does America want role-player president?

Mitt Romney is a role player. He will play whatever role his audience wants. He will be a conservative to a conservative audience until he becomes their candidate. He will be a moderate to a moderate audience until he becomes their candidate.

He wants to be our candidate, regardless of our position. First and foremost he wants to be president, so he can say he did better than his father. He has flip flopped so many times that nobody knows what he stands for, other than those who advise him on what to say, and to whom. He has no ideas of his own.

Just as an actor will play a hero in one film and make you like him, when he plays a villain in his next film, you still like him. Mitt Romney has studied human nature and knows if you advertise something enough, people will buy it, regardless of need.

If that is the type of person people want for their president, we will get what we deserve, a man without feelings for the average human being. Psychologically he strikes me as a person to avoid.

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