Coutu will be true to Conn. taxpayers

Next month we have an important decision to make. Increased spending and high taxes have damaged our economy's ability to improve and grow jobs.

In a recent debate, Cathy Osten said she would separate the state's pension fund from the spending cap. By removing this fund, the state would be allowed to spend even more of our tax dollars, which means only one thing: higher taxes.

Despite the largest tax increase in Connecticut history, the state budget continues to have a multi-million dollar deficit. We simply must stop the ever increasing tax and spend cycle. We have the opportunity to elect someone who understands this.

Senate candidate and current state Rep. Chris Coutu has promised to limit state spending and lower our taxes. Our state needs strong leaders who will make the tough decisions that will get our economy moving again.

Next month, I will proudly cast my 19th District vote for Chris Coutu and hope that you will join me in supporting him as well.

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