The CIAC's 50-point rule needs to be re-examined

To the Sports Editor:

The 50-point rule in high school football games should be improved. I was at the NFA-Stamford game on Oct. 20 and the next day learned that the NFA coach was being penalized for scoring more than 50 points in a game supposedly embarrassing the Stamford team.

The Stamford coach after the game said he was a little annoyed because a NFA starter was in the game in the fourth quarter.

I hope he was more annoyed at the play of his players.

I left the game during the third quarter and witnessed that Stamford made no first downs and upon receiving the ball on kickoffs they chose not to advance the ball even though no defenders were in sight.

Stamford obviously needed help. The NFA coach should never have been criticized for his game management when the Stamford team was involved with such a poor effort.

Donald E. Leone Sr.



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