Ways To Avoid Drunk Driving: Give Someone a Safe Ride Home

Drunk drivers kill someone approximately every 48 minutes nationally. A drunk driver will drive while intoxicated 87 times before finally being pulled over! Shocking, isn’t it? There are ways to stop drunk driving that are effective when society works toward that end. The following information will offer some insight to what those ways are.

It is a well-known fact that 32% of all traffic deaths are alcohol-related. Drivers with high blood alcohol content (BAC) - .15% or more – account for over half of all automobile accident deaths. These are frightening facts, and most people are aware of them, yet some still persist in getting behind the wheel after having more than one beer or glass of wine. There are many ways to avoid drunk driving for these people, and here are just a few.

When having a party, offer non-alcoholic beverages. If serving beer, wine, or liquor, ask that guests to leave their car keys at the door and that they plan to spend the night. Be sure to serve lots of food, as it slows down absorption of alcohol into one’s bloodstream. Also, stop serving alcohol at least two hours before the party is to end, as that gives the average person time to sober up before driving. If going out to dinner or a club with friends, designate one person to remain sober so he can drive everyone else home safely. If the designated driver slips, call a taxi, hop a bus, hire a horse and buggy – anything other than getting behind the wheel! Take a friend’s keys if she seems to have had too much to drink and is intent on driving. If she makes a ruckus about it, know that she shouldn’t be driving. Above all else, when imbibing alcohol, take responsibility for one’s own actions!

Some effective ways to stop drunk driving are to increase enforcement of DUI laws; rather than giving a first-time offender 6 months of community service and alcohol education classes, put them in jail for 3 months. For each consecutive DUI arrest, increase jail time accordingly. Those drunken drivers who kill someone or maim them for life should be charged with more than just involuntary manslaughter. Law enforcement officers know some tell-tale signs of drunken driving, such as taking wide turns, driving very slowly, not turning on headlights after dark, weaving, etc, and generally do not hesitate to pull an apparently impaired driver over. What is needed is stronger laws and punishments for driving under the influence of alcohol.

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