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DVD tip: "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

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R, 2012

I'd like to preface this tip by saying I have never seen a "Twilight" movie, watched an episode of "True Blood" or fallen victim to any of the vampire hysteria that has swept over pop culture in the last few years. But I found myself sucked in after my wife began watching "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" on Netflix the other night. Like a 13-year-old boy who just found his father's "magazine collection," my eyes were fixed to the screen as this Honest Abe swung an axe around like a character in "The Matrix" and plunged it into beastly vampires. To say the premise of this movie is ridiculous would be an understatement. (Vampires live among us and actually fought against Union forces is the gist.) But this flick is both incredibly stupid and compulsively watchable at the same time. One cautionary note: Parents, please, make sure your children have taken a U.S. history class before watching this absurd take on the Civil War era.



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