Potty Training 101: Lazy Mom Style

There gets to be this point, when your kid is essentially pooping man poop, and you just don't want to change another diaper.  You start to talk up the potty, you buy your kid underpants, you beg a little bit. Despite all that, more than my own desire to be done with it all was my need to not make potty training a big deal.  I didn't want it to be stressful for Little Man.  So, sometimes he would pee on the potty, some days I would ask if he wanted to wear underpants, most days the answer was no. 

Besides not wanting to stress out Little Man, to be honest, I didn't really have the energy to be diligent with potty training.  Staying on top of Little Man to make sure he didn't have accidents, cleaning up any accidents...all while chasing around The Animal?  No thanks.

So, I resolved to having two kids in diapers forever and we carried on. 

But then there were like four mornings in a row that Little Man woke up with a dry diaper.  I took it as a sign and pushed the underpants.  It was Saturday.  He had half a poop accident (half in the kitchen, half in the potty) and that was it.  He peed on his own, he didn't need reminding.  I put his diaper on for nap and there was a solid half hour after he woke up where he sobbed "Put my dipey on, PLEASE!" and I thought maybe I made the wrong decision.  But then he wanted his pants on.  And he woke up dry on Sunday.  One pee accident, and that was it.

He doesn't need reminding.  He is so big.  I love seeing the band of his spiderman underpants peeking out of the waist of his pants.  I love his little diaper free tushie.  And I love that I essentially did nothing to get to this point. 

So, being the expert that I am, here's my advice--don't push it.  Let your kid tell you when he or she is ready.  I don't know, I think there are long books on the subject...but seriously.  Take the lazy mom approach and do nothing until your kid does it for you. 

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