Criticism of utilities is unwarranted

Maybe it is about time, due to the very destructive nature of Storm Sandy, that town leaders and Gov. Malloy, instead of looking for someone's head to lob off, stand behind CL&P, and United Illuminating and their outstanding job of safely restoring power to the hundreds of thousands of residents without power.

The governor takes all of the federal dignitaries for tours to show them the massive destruction, then turns around, as do the town leaders, and criticizes the utilities for not being faster in power restoration.

I, fortunately, was only without power for two days, and my heart goes out to those who struggled longer without this vital necessity that we have grown to not be able to live without.

But I, for one, applaud the utility management, and all their employees, both local and those from out of state, who have come to help us get through this terrible ordeal.

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