Storm Sandy Drives School Calendar Changes

OLD SAYBROOK - In a change driven by Storm Sandy school closures, the school district decided to cancel two planned days of teacher training-originally scheduled for Nov. 5 and 6-and make them student instructional days instead. The calendar change means the school district re-captured two of the three student instruction days lost due to Storm Sandy-related school closings.

Unlike other shoreline towns, Old Saybrook was open for students on the Thursday and Friday following Storm Sandy's arrival. Interim Superintendent of Schools Heston Sutman said praised the coordinated and intensive effort by the town and emergency personnel to clear the town's streets of debris which allowed school buses safe passage on Thursday.

With school open to students on Election Day, the town and schools worked together to assure that voters would have enough parking. Since both of the town's polling places are in school gymnasiums, plans were also put in place to preserve voter parking spots at each site.

Student and staff parking at Old Saybrook High School was relocated to spaces behind and school and along Donnelly's Road. Similarly, staff members at the Old Saybrook Middle School were asked to park behind the building on Election Day, preserving voter parking near the gymnasium polling place. Policemen were also on duty in each schools' parking lot during voting hours to help direct traffic.

The two days of teaching training that the school administrators lost due to the school calendar change will be re-scheduled to later in the school year, according to Sutman.


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