Waterford ranks 2nd on Connecticut schools' technical education test

Waterford — Students at Waterford High School were recognized recently by the State Department of Education for ranking second out of 109 schools tested on the state's Career and Technical Education assessment last May.

Officials from the state department recognized the students' achievement last Friday and a plaque was given to the high school to be hung on a wall of the new high school when it opens in April.

"In the last three years this is the first time we've placed that high," CTE Site Administrator April Cairns said Thursday. "We've moved up the ranks by leaps and bounds each year but this is the first time we've really nailed it. It's a pretty intense test."

The CTE — a test somewhat similar to the state's academic performance related tests — was administered to more than 30 11th and 12th graders studying early childhood education, nutrition and food production, computer aided drafting and design, video production and automotive technology.

Cairns said that the CTE also includes standards that are related to the Connecticut Academic Performance Test like but also assesses whether the students are well versed in their technical education classes.

About 88 percent of the students tested last year earned a passing score, Cairns said. Since it's only an assessment, the score does not affect students' grades but serves as a benchmark for the future.


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