The unions spent more than McMahon

Full disclosure: I am a public high school teacher and a dues-paying member of the teacher's union(s).

I read with interest several opinion pieces by The Day's editorial staff and articles by regular columnists in which the authors vindictively criticized Linda McMahon for her personal spending on the Senate campaign. I will admit that I grew weary of the mailings and phone calls. The Day staff points out that the money could have gone to so many more noble causes.

I must point out that the only organization that exceeded Linda McMahon in the effort to carpet-bomb my mailbox and answering machine was my union, the Connecticut Education Association (CEA), in its effort to ensure that Chris Murphy was elected.

The Day and its staff are absolutely correct. If we could capture all of the funds spent by the CEA and Linda McMahon on this Senate race we could probably build a wonderful hospital and fund two school districts for a year. But, ladies and gentleman, this is still the United States of America and we have not reached that level of redistribution quite yet…

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